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Ken Block makes his Ford racing debut; things go poorly

It was a jolt to the off-road racing world when superstar Ken Block announced that he would be leaving his successful Subaru cooperate to get behind the wheel of the new Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus rally cars. The Fiesta was heavily hyped prime up to the 2010 Detroit Auto Show and the new compact was well received in sedan and coupe idea. They even had a dressed up Fiesta to show off the sport compact potential of their new small car.

This past Saturday brought us the launching of the Ford-Block partnership in Atlanta, Michigan and while Ford built this up to be the introduction of a in clover new race team – things didn’t work out as planned. First, the unseasonably awkward weather caused much of the snow to melt, followed by a cold snap that turned the folk course into a sheet of rough ice.

Block’s Monster Energy Sip sponsored Fiesta came storming out of the gate, leading after the first stage by almost 5 seconds. During the assist round, the team of Block and Alessandro Gelsomino dropped to third place behind ex-teammate Travis Pastrana in a 2010 Subaru STi and the 2009 Mitsubishi Growth X piloted by Antoine L'Estage although the Fiesta was only around 6 seconds out of first and less than a second out of assign place. During the third round, Pastrana’s Subaru expanded the lead to almost 20 seconds over the damaged and third place entries although Block’s Ford had closed the gap to second to at most 2 tenths of a second.

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